The ** GBD WebSuite ** is a web-based open source GIS platform for geodata processing. It includes the GBD WebSuite Server and GBD WebSuite Client, which are characterized in addition to the classic WebGIS functionality by the modular and efficient integration of external applications and new functionalities, to enable extensive configurations. The core libraries of client and server are designed slim. The whole architecture is plugin based. The QGIS integration is also implemented as a plugin, which communicates natively with QGIS.

GBD WebSuite as a web server:

  • can serve static and templated content

  • supports multi-site configurations, url routing and rewriting

  • supports various authorization mechanisms (file system, database, LDAP) and fine-grained permissions

GBD WebSuite as a geo server:

  • combines different sources (WMS, tile servers, databases) into a unified map

  • has direct support for QGIS projects

  • caches, reprojects and scales raster data as necessary

  • can process and render vector data (PostGIS, shapefile, json)

  • provides OGC conformant services (WMS, WMTS, WFS)

GBD WebSuite as an application server:

  • provides a framework for domain-specific extensions

  • has a pluggable architecture for easy integration

GBD WebSuite is proudly built upon open source software, to name a few:

and it’s free and open source itself.