GBD WebSuite Client

Although GBD WebSuite can work as an ordinary webserver, its primary purpose is to be used together with a “rich” javascript client, capable to display dynamic web maps, like OpenLayers of Leaflet. We offer such a client as a part of the GBD WebSuite, and provide a few options in the server configuration to support our client specifically.

UI Configuration

Each GBD WebSuite project, as well as the main application, can have the client configuration, which provides various options for the client and describes its UI layout, so that you can turn specific UI elements on and off on a per-project basis. Additionally, you can add access blocks to specific elements to turn them on and off for specific users only.

Example of the client configuration


    "options": {
        ## active sidebar tab is "Layers"
        "sidebarActiveTab": "Sidebar.Layers",

        ## sidebar is intially visible
        "sidebarVisible": False,

        ## pre-selected infobar button
        "toolbarActiveButton": "Toolbar.Identify.Click",

    "elements": [

        ## map decoration elements:

        {"tag": "Decoration.ScaleRuler"},
        {"tag": "Decoration.Attribution"},

        ## infobar (normally, at the bottom of the screen)

        {"tag": "Infobar.ZoomOut"},
        {"tag": "Infobar.ZoomIn"},
        {"tag": "Infobar.ZoomReset"},
        {"tag": "Infobar.Position"},
        {"tag": "Infobar.Scale"},
        {"tag": "Infobar.Loader"},
        {"tag": "Infobar.Spacer"},
        {"tag": "Infobar.HomeLink"},
        {"tag": "Infobar.Help"},
        {"tag": "Infobar.About"},

        ## client toolbar

        {"tag": "Toolbar.Identify.Click"},
        {"tag": "Toolbar.Lens"},
        {"tag": "Toolbar.Annotate.Draw"},
        {"tag": "Toolbar.Print"},
        {"tag": "Toolbar.Snapshot"},

        ## sidebar

        {"tag": "Sidebar.Layers"},
        {"tag": "Sidebar.Search"},
        {"tag": "Sidebar.Overview"},
        {"tag": "Sidebar.Annotate"},
        {"tag": "Sidebar.User"}

Layer flags

Besides the UI configuration, each map layer can have a set of boolean options, telling the GBD WebSuite Client how to display this layer. See LayerClientOptions for details.