GBD WebSuite can fetch geodata from databases, either indirectly, using QGIS and WMS/WMTS providers, or by connecting to a database directly. For the latter case, you need to configure database connections in the main application config.

At the moment we only support PostgreSQL/PostGIS databases. We plan to add Sqlite/SpatiaLite, MySQL and MongoDB later on.

Example of a PostGIS provider configuration

## in the main config:

"db": {
    "providers" [
            "type": "postgis",
            "uid": "my_db_connection",
            "host": "DBHOST",
            "port": 5432,
            "database": "mydatabase",
            "user": "me",
            "password": "secret"

If you have multiple credentials to the same server, you have to configure them as different providers.

Somewhere else in your configuration, when a database connection is required, you simply mention the provider unique id. Example for a SQL search config

## search configuration

    "type": "sql",
    "db": "my_db_connection",
    ...other options

Since GBD WebSuite runs in a container, you cannot use localhost as a hostname even if your DB server runs on the same physical machine. Instead, the docker host IP address, like should be used (the exact value depends on your docker network settings). For portability reasons, it’s recommended to alias it with --add-host.