GBD WebSuite provides tools to transform and reformat feature data from different sources. These tools are configured in featureFormat options for layers and search providers.

When the GBD WebSuite client displays a feature, it looks for the following attributes, and, in case they are present, shows them in a feature info box:


Feature title


Brief description of the feature


Detailed description


Map label for the feature


Feature category

In the configuration, you can provide a TemplateConfig object for each of these properties to create custom HTML or text output.

For example, consider a layer “Stores” based on a WMS source that provides this feature data

name    - store name
owner   - owner's name
address - street address
photo   - a filename of the store image

We can reformat it as follows

"featureFormat": {
    "title": {
        "type": "html",
        "text": "<h1>{attributes.name}</h1>"
    "teaser": {
        "type": "html",
        "text": "<p>Store {attributes.name} (owner {attributes.owner})</p>"
    "description": {
        "type": "html",
        "text": "<p>{attributes.name} <img src={attributes.photo}/> <b>{attributes.address}</b> </p>"