Caching framework

The bundled Mapproxy server can be configured to cache geodata from external WMS, WMTS or KVP sources. In GBD WebSuite, you use Cache and Grid options in the Map config, or on a per-layer basis, and the Seeding configuration in the main config.

There are a few steps neccessary to make a layer cacheable:

  • the layer must have a defined View with an extent and a set of allowed resolutions or scales. These settings can be defined in the Layer config or inherited from the Map config

  • the layer (or the map) must have a Grid. For WMS sources, it’s important to set up the meta-tiling correctly, to avoid the “dangling labels” problem (see

  • the layer (or the map) must have a Cache with enabled set to true

Once the caching is set up, it’s automatically populated when users browse your maps. You can also pre-seed the cache, using gws cache command line tools.

Important: if you change View or Grid configurations, you have to remove the cache for the layer or the map to prevent unpleasant artifacts.